Hugz' Big Surprise During Today's Physician Shadowing

Today I got to shadow for a second time in OSUMC’s CMIS (Center for Minimally Invasive) and General Surgery Department. The administrative assistant instructed me to come to her office bright and early at 6:45am and that I’d be shadowing a special doctor that day. Not really paying any attention to the whole ‘special’ thing, I got up and had breakfast at around 5am and made sure I was at the hospital well before the instructed start time.

To my surprise, while I was waiting outside of the office; an elevator opens up and a man greats me by saying “Hi Nick, Dr. Scott Melvin … Chief of General Surgery”.


Dr. Melvin was awesome. He let me sit in on 4 procedures today, one being a first time ever procedure at OSU. The surgery was laparoscopic reflux management using a new product undergoing clinical trials for the FDA. Here’s a link to the device itself for more info.

Linx Reflux Study

Basically, it’s a candy necklace made from titanium magnets that is surgically installed around the esophagus. The magnets are weak enough to allow you to swallow correctly when eating and drinking, but strong enough to prevent reflux. Dr. Melvin performed the first Linx procedure today at OSU and I got to see it. Coolest thing ever!

I also got to see a splendectomy, a colectomy (which was kind of gross, wasn’t anticipating the poop), and an open hepatic jujunostomy (they repaired and connected a blocked bial duct to the lower bowel so the liver could filter properly again without the need for an external drain).

I love observing (and hopefully learning) surgery. It’s my new addiction! is a commercial site, but they show some interesting procedures. I haven’t watched much there myself. A classmate recommended it a few weeks ago, so I’ve been browsing titles.

Wow! Hugz sounds like you had a great and full day!

I see that you have your own blog. Does it cover your experiences working towards medicine?

The blog is documenting my personal journey but it got severely neglected once I learned how much work this takes.

Haha, your blog sounds like my journal Hugz. Your shadow experience sounds absolutely delightful though.

Hey Hugz!!!

Sounds like an AMAZING day, what fun!! I cannot believe you got to see so much in one day that is unbelievable. CONGRATS!!


I don’t know if they still do it but Univ of South Florida used to have web links to surgeries. I once watched an abdominal AAA surgery. It was very interesting.

Here is a link to some videos of surgical procedures. deos.h…

Hey Hugz -

Glad you had a good time in the OR. I did my surgery rotation on that service. Dr. Melvin is a good teacher as are the other docs on that service. Very cool that you had the opportunity to shadow on that service. They are an extremely busy bunch of surgeons.

Ps - congrats on the A- in Chemistry!

Thanks Amy! I get a 3 week break between Summer and Fall quarters. I’m hoping to get at least one or two days setup for some ER shadowing.

So many different areas in medicine to learn about. I wish I would have come to this realization earlier!