Hunter vs. CCNY for postbac

Hello all, it’s my understanding this topic has come up before, but I’m at a bit of a turning point. I graduated from Colgate University a year ago with a degree in philosophy and a poor GPA. I’ve been medically-driven for years, and am an active paramedic with experience. I plan on attending CCNY for my postbac work next year (been accepted, enrolled, etc.) but I recently found out that Hunter College has a program as well, and can’t decide if I should try to go there or not. Can anyone offer any advice as to what makes that better or worse than CCNY?

I am currently attending Hunter. I can’t address CCNY, but I can discuss Hunter’s program (I don’t know how coherently as I’ve only slept 6 hours in the past three days, but I will try). The Hunter College prehealth/post-bacc mailing list and website is at:
There are a number of post-bacc guides to Hunter and other materials on there that are very useful. If you want, I can email you a copy of the post-bacc’s guide to Hunter, written by last year’s president. It lays everything out really clearly and lists all the pros and cons of the program. You’ll have to PM me your email address.
By far the greatest thing about Hunter is the cohesiveness and support of the post-bacc community. There is a sense of team spirit to it, and we all help each other out.
Additionally, there are two linkage programs, one with Stonybrook and one with Cornell.
On the whole, I’ve found the instruction at the school to be quite good and fair (especially in the case of the biology department), even if some departments are a bit underfunded (orgo labs are BYO paper towels).
They have decent schedule flexibility, but most of the pre-med classes are competitive to get into (I think this may be true everywhere).
I actually have to get back to work, but if you have any more questions, feel free to PM me.

I am in the Hunter postbac program and I am doing ok. You’re going to pay the same money regardless of whether you do Hunter’s postbac or City College. So what ever you decide, good luck.