Hurricane/Winter Storm

Just a quick note to let all of our Northeast OPM friends know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers!

I hope you guys are all safe and sound, and that your families, homes, etc. are untouched over the next several days… This storm looks epic.

by 1pm my street has been closed due to snapping tree limbs and the center of the storm doesnt make landfall for another 6-8 hours.

I was gonna make another tequila run but too late.

By sheer luck. my wife and I are fine with full power and no damage even though most of my block appears without electric. A pair of large, 70 year-old trees came down, snappin power poles and bring lines down, blocking one end of the street and yet another two trees blocking the other end

Something like 80%-90% of long island has no power, some 2 million plus people. Huge swaths of the 120 mile shoreline is eaten away; too much to described I am sure you have seen it on TV/Internet. Manhattan was dark from 42nd street south; subway and auto tunnels flooded out, and the rest. Subways, buses, airports, are still down

Unlike other disasters in the country and the world where it takes months and years to rebuild, things will come back to near normal I would say within the month. Maybe I talking with the bravado of a native new yorker but hey, you got a problem with that?!

Glad you and your wife are OK. The pictures of NY and NJ are really quite amazing.

I arrived in Toronto on Sunday for a rainy week long vacation. Perhaps should have stayed in KC where they are behind in rainfall for the year - 1 foot and counting.

Glad things worked out for you, hope others can pick back up quickly.