I am so overwhelmed....where do I start?

Hey everyone!

I am currently in college finishing up my first year as a senior chasing my Psych degree. I first wanted to be a psychologist but I have had my mindset on something different lately. I have been set on becoming a doctor. It is weird because I have never considered it until this year. A lot of stuff has happened to me this year. I broke my knee cap, injured my wrist, broke my toe, and my mom was diagnosed with cancer. To say the least I have been immersed in the hospital/medical field as of late.

I have grown extremely fond of the idea of becoming a doctor. I really want to make this happen! I currently have a 3.08 Gpa with 98 credits but should be at 3.2 after this fall. My question is what do I do to get started? I think that my Gpa is lower because I was never really passionate about my school but now I feel different. I am beyond excited about my next semester of school. I am ready to be done with Psych classes and ready to take on the science course. I have taken Biology and absolutely loved it even though I got a B in the class. I loved going to that class specifically. I however did not do so hot in the Chem 1 but it was because I gave up and thought I only needed a C. I feel differently now. I really want to do well. Like I said before I am excited about school but I think it is because next semester I will have purpose. Not purpose in the sense that I will get my degree in Psych but purpose in the fact that I will take my first steps as a pre-med and man does that make me excited.

With all this excitement comes the sense of being overwhelmed. I feel this way because there is so much I need to do that I have not done. I need to take this class and that class and also get clinical experience. I am thinking about taking Chem 1 next semester with lab along with A and P with lab while also taking my last two Psych courses. What should I do about getting clinical experience? I just got the job as a pharmacy tech but that wont count as clinical experience. My question is what should I do to gain that. I need to work but also have time to study while also getting clinical experience.

My next question is can I get into med school? I understand that I need a good GPA and MCAT. I need to take around 6-7 prereqs but my current GPA has me nervous. Ideally, I would get all As but lets be honest that would be very very hard to do. I really want to make this happen but my current GPA and lack of clinical experience have me nervous to even start.

To wrap up my question is how can I gain tons of clinical experience while working and can I make it to med school with my current GPA plus the other prereqs given that I wont have straight As?