I am Sorry To Everyone

Hello Everyone,

I just found out that my ex-girlfriend has been posting on the forums under my account. She had my password stored on her laptop and has been trying to destroy my reputation on her. She has vowed to stop me from going to medical school at all costs.

I want everyone to know that I did not post anything over the past few weeks since I have been away for army training.

I sincerely apologize for her actions. I just want everyone to know that all of the posts were not mine. I need to contact the administrators and see if I can just delete this account and create a new one.

Thank you for understanding.


Word of advice - check and change passwords on all your other online accounts and I mean all accounts, call up credit card accounts and have a password/challenge put on your account.

Unbeknownst to some, a lot of damage can be done by an unsecure, seemingly innocent online account.

Don’t take this lightly, if someone can be mean to that extent, you don’t know what else they are capable of.

Don, we can delete the current account and then you are welcome to set up a new one. I think we can even “clean up” all the offending posts. From the administrator end, it takes a little time to block the account and I’ll need to talk to our sysop guys. I think you can do it as effectively by going to “my fusion” although I have to admit that I am not sure how many steps will be involved.


I’m glad it was not you, Mary had a good idea, get a new ID and password and I would go around and change all other Id’s and passwords, Mine was stolen a few years ago and caused major credit problems for a while.

Hey, no need to delete the account. Just make sure you change your password and DON’T STORE IT!! Keep it to yourself and you’ll be fine. As for any posts that you didn’t make, just let me know and I can delete them no problem.