I did it! Nervous now...

I submitted my first application to my top choice SMP over the weekend. Transcripts are ordered, exam scores sent, letters requested. Yikes! I get butterflies just thinking about it! I want to be accepted so badly into this particular program. I hope it works out.

In a couple of weeks the application opens up for another SMP program I’ve been looking at. I’m planning to submit an application there too. Hopefully that app won’t be a 29 page beast like this first one was! Guess this is good dress rehearsal for med school apps.

Speaking of med school, the resident I’m working with on my research project is pushing me to apply directly to med school this year. I’m taking the MCAT in March just to get it out of the way when the material is fresh on my mind. Four…yes, four…DO schools have told me to go get the master’s degree before applying, after hearing my story and seeing my grade trends. This doc has also seen my stats (he looked over my app to help me revise it).

I don’t know…I’m on the fence about this. On one hand, it’s nice that someone actually thinks I should just go for it. On the other I don’t want to prematurely apply. I go back and forth wondering if I’m being sensible by not applying directly this year, or if it’s just FUD keeping me from applying (yet again). Know what I mean?

Luckily I have a few months to sit on it and can decide later. :slight_smile:

Thoughts? Advice?

ETA: Just some background on me (for those who don’t know my story): I started off my education with less than a 2.0 gpa and disqualification from a junior college. Had a nice upward trend after that, but didn’t complete my pre-reqs. Finishing a DIY post-bacc right now, but pretty much crashed and burned after some personal issues. GPA trend now looks like a roller coaster instead of an upward trend. Darnit.

Unless the resident who is pushing you to apply has alot of sway with an admissions committee, I’d recommend sticking to your original plan. Premature application is not a good thing at all.

Admissions reps at schools you’re considering > someone who isn’t an adcom/admissions rep.

Applying is diabolically expensive. Don’t waste your money, unless you can afford to burn $100 bills at breakfast.