I dove in.. and its deep.

I made the jump! I quit my career job, sold all of my assets, and borrowed money from family. I started in January with Chem 1, Bio 1, Calc 1 and EMT Basic. It was a terrible idea… I have since dropped EMT Basic and have spent every waking minute playing catchup for the first few weeks in which I foolishly attempted to juggle a 14 credit EMT course on top of 13 premed credits. You live and you learn. I have no regrets, complaints nor hesitation. That is how I know this is what I want to do with my life right now. To all those struggling and feeling exhausted, keep it up! The older I get the more I realize success is about time. Put in the time, garner the knowledge and reap the rewards. I believe in you, random stranger on the internet, I do!

P.S. Sorry for being manic. I have just spent yet another Saturday deep in Chemistry.

Wow, a 14-credit EMT course? Mine was 6 credits and I felt there was a lot of filler.

Anyway, good luck moving forward. It’s definitely best not to overburden yourself, especially as you’re just diving in to things.