I got my appointment reduction!

Thanks to big state budget cuts, I was allowed to cut my position back to 80% of full time. This is a huge plus for me. Because all the prereq courses are offered only during the day (including all chemistry labs), I was going to be hard pressed to fit in two classes per semester. I took just one (1st semester chemistry) this semester. I'll take the second in the summer, with my reduced appointment beginning July1, second week of the 8-week summer term. This means I can take two afternoons off per week to cover labs. Woohoo! I'll still have to work about 7:15 to 5:00, but it won't be 7 to 5:30 like it would have been. So hurray!
In the fall, I'll take 1st semester biology and 1st semester organic, and 2nd semester of each in the spring. Things are just falling into place. My husband (in grad school right now) got a 50% TA appointment and a respectable fellowship, enough to make up for my lost income.
Now if my chemistr final will just fall into place! The formulae are starting to blur in my head. I just blanked out practicing a titration problem. I think it's time to take another break (oh, yeah, I'm doing that now) and make my officially-sanctioned cheat card, organizing the constants, formulae, and solubility rules so I can find them easily. Yeah, I have most of this stuff memorized, but as I just discovered, you get overloaded and critical brain cells just fall out onto the floor, taking their information with them.
Right! To the land of CARDS! (I'm off to make my cheat card! My wonderful cheat card of chem!)

That's so great!
Isn't it something when things just fall into place!!?