I have my summer vacation!!!!!

I just called one of my top choice schools regarding one of the pre-requisites that I was going to take this summer. I thought that the deadline for taking it was this August, the summer of my application.
I was wrong. I have to have it done by the summer before matriculation. Meaning, I have my summer Class-Free.
I can wrap up my thesis and study for the august MCAT without having to divide my time between 2 classes.

That is really good news for you, especially in light of your need to focus on your thesis.
I do feel the need to put in a cautionary statement for others reading: in general, I feel that it is best to have all your prerequisites done at the time you submit your application. Schools will TELL you that you only have to complete them by matriculation, and that’s true. But having them on your application gives them more information to evaluate you on, and you want them to have as much as possible. I don’t think it’s as much of a downside for traditional students who have a three-year college record to submit at the time of application - there’s not much question about how they’re doing academically. With non-trads, if you’re in a situation where there’s questions (e.g. old bad records and not much recent stuff), you’ll want to try not to put off prerequisites.
Note I don’t think this applies to the OP since you are in a degree program right now.