I have reached delirium!

In my self-analysis/psychobabbling answer to a secondary question, I began typing what came instantly into my mind. I just typed the following sentence:
I have many absolutely fabulous personality quirks which will either endear or alienate the KCOM community.

That’s why proof readers are good things. Go for a walk… in with the good air…out with the bad… ahhhh isn’t that better blink.gif

I sat out on a restaurant patio with a margarita and a friend tonight. Don’t think i thought about med school and application crude for like, I don’t know… 10 whole minutes? wink.gif
Kidding, think I went a whole hour or two! Phew, I needed that!

I hear you all loud and clear!!! I have been wrestling with Pritzker’s secondary for four days now…FIVE essays to write for one secondary blink.gif

Hey Folks,
I am glad to hear that you are “experiencing” the process and dealing with the stress. Relax and enjoy those margaritas! Go nuts for a little while. In a few short weeks, you life will be changing forever. I look back on this last year (internship) and think about all the craziness that I withstood just to get to another place. Whew! I am glad that’s over but I grew and learned so much. So too, will you learn from this crazy process of applying to medical school.
At times, I can be somewhat philosophical about this insane process of becoming a good physician. Just when I think I am treading water, some new challenge comes to tilt me in another direction and I start to get crazy again. When I look back at doing the medical school application process, I didn’t know that I was “supposed” to be wired and worried.
Drink those margaritas and decompress! After you unload a bit, become empowered! Present yourself as the fabulous future physician that you are going to be! If I have a choice between quirky and non-quirky, I will choose quirky every time. Believe me, at this stage in medicine, there are enough stogey folks both young and old. Even better, just be who you are and celebrate the priviledge to get to the point of making application to medical school. You have accomplished much and have more to go. Enjoy the journey and love yourselves most of all!
Natalie smile.gif

Well, I have finally submit my first novel, well, at least the first five chapters of “The Courage of Being an OPM in the Application Process: Overcoming the Pritzker Secondary Essays”.

Heh - I tossed my Pritzker application in the junk pile as soon as I saw how much writing it entailed! I know we old premeds have to be a bit more well-rounded, but five essays is rediculous… “What is your favorite color and what does it mean to you?” Ugh. I like U-Penn, where all you had to do was send them some money!! tongue.gif
I’d rather go to Northwestern anyway!!!


Hey all, I’m glad I stopped in today to see that I’m not the only one going NUTS! I got my second reject letter today. At least both of the schools that rejected me had the decency to do it prior to asking for the secondary fee. I have submitted seven secondaries and have just to sit here and wait for my August MCAT scores to role in. How’s that for setting a person on edge?? I did very well on all but PS in the April test and now I’m on pins and needles to find out how I did the second time - I know I did MUCH better in PS, but now I worry about whether I did as well on the other sections, since my studying had been so focused on PS…okay, I know I’m rambling. I know this whole process is supposed to make me a stronger person and all, but I’m getting stir crazy now and doubt is starting to linger somewhere in the back of my brain. I’ve got too much of my life invested in this to be turned away and I’m scared. I’m glad I have a place to vent, since as you all know, those who have not experienced it just don’t understand what a person goes through!
Anyway, I wish the best of luck to you all. Anyone applying in the midwest? I’m in Iowa.
Angie sad.gif