I haven't disappeared

I know I haven’t been on in a bit…been trying to deal with the functional and financial side of joblessness. Went to two job interviews in Maryland this last week. They both felt very positive…but you never know. Liked the clinic in Salisbury VERY much and am hoping for an offer. We looked at delightful little house, and I am sure we could swing it. Just holding my breath while they check my references. Need to complete my commitment to the NHSC and both agencies are HRSA sites. If someone hires me…it puts me that much closer to JHU…which for some reason keeps popping up as “where I am supposed to go” ( spiritual reference). So hanging out…fiddling around with the Macbook, and waiting to hear. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday this year, hope everyone is in GOOD health. Pax Nobis…

Good luck Vicki!!

Good to read. Hang in there.