I keep coming back here

Super condensed version of my story:

Been lurking here (and occasionally posting) for the past 8 or so years. In that time I’ve become a nurse and am now working on my DNP. But dangit I want to be a doctor. The thing that keeps me back is the reality of the debt, the time away from my kids, the realization that I won’t be able to work while I’m in med school, and I CAN while I’m in DNP school. But I want. To. Be. A. Doctor.

I have one more year of pre-reqs if I do the bare minimum of those. I’m seriously considering dropping out of DNP school (I’m only a year in to a 6-yr program) and enrolling in the final classes I need for med school this fall instead. All my reasons for not doing it are valid. But I keep coming back to this desire to be a doctor. I’m wondering if I should put it to bed once and for all or if I should try to figure it out.

If it matters, I’m 36, so I wouldn’t even be in medical school until I was 38 at the earliest. Thanks for any insights or advice you guys might have.

I answer this on the podcast this week! (OPM 129!)

First thing I want to say to you is that age DOES NOT MATTER! So please, dont make it about your age. Youre never too old to dream, and youre never too old to chase those dreams!

I then want to tell you, that if you cant quite get rid of the itch to become a doctor, I would go for it. You have one more year until you begin the process of med school- what better time than now?

Talk to the people you need to speak to, your family, friends, etc, and then execute! Also, Ive listened to many of the pod casts that cover parents going into med school with full plates (wife/husband/kids… etc). I actually follow someone on instagram who has 3 kids, a wife, and just got into med school!!

all i have to say is YOU CAN DO IT! and dont worry about anything else.
passion ALWAYS overcasts so many other things that you might think of !!

i wish you nothing but the best on this endevour!!!