I know Pre-med classes at CC has been covered many times already, but...

I’m in a situation where I HAVE to work at least for the next year while I finish out my pre-reqs before going on to finish off my grad degree. If I get this job that I applied for, it will be during the day 730-4 M-F. Luckily where I live, there isn’t a shortage of colleges and universities. However, only one in the area offers Inorganic II in the evening, and it happens to be at a Jr College. I’m not at all taking it there because it could be easier than at a 4-year. I’m considering it only because the 4-year school that I plan on finishing out my grad studies at offers the Organics at times I could take them. Thus, taking Org I in fall and Org II in spring would put me on schedule. Would you think as long as I take my upper level chems at a 4-yr and do well in them, I will be fine when it comes to admissions? I did take inorganic I during the summer at a CC back in '02 during my undergrad years because I couldn’t fit it into my fall and spring program studies at the time.

The replies are not going to change…

Optimal is to take prereqs at a 4 year university and do well.

If you can not then you take them where you can and deal with the cards that you’ll be dealt.

The coup de grace will be your application and MCAT score to set you apart.


Just got word that the cath lab tech position I applied for and interview for, despite my resume looking ‘impressive’ and the lady wanting me to work there, is a no go because I don’t have a medical assistant diploma. I have an undergrad, some grad school and 6 years exp. as a CV tech…bleh…

So, I’m considering other options of employment/going to school. Would it look bad if I started a second undergrad for the sole purpose of getting financial aid and then after finishing my pre-reqs, say next spring, I leave the undergrad and go right into my grad studies where I left off?

Regarding taking prereqs at CC’s…why not? I think if the same exact courses (same course number, etc…) are available at a CC as a 4-yr, you actually may fare better at a CC…you’ll definitely have a lot more face-to-face contact with your professor versus a TA. You won’t be faced with going to a lecture class of over 300 students and finding that only 72 lab spots are open. Who really is to say that you are getting a better education at a four-year than a two-year? The instructors that I will have for O.Chem and Physics are full professors in their subjects of Chemistry and Physics. If I’m not understanding a concept, a CC offers a more open-door policy.

Okay, maybe for some med schools, most probably allopathic schools, may have more rigid feelings about this. But I think that DO schools I think are a little less rigid.

I’m sorry about the rant…but I don’t think that prereqs taken at a CC are subpar to univesity classes, especially when they are the same exact courses.


It doesn’t really matter what we think. What matters is what adcoms think. The feedback we see time and time again is that adcoms tend to favor universities. If that is not an option because of scheduling or finances then you must perform well enough on the MCAT to stick out in the crowd.

It doesn’t matter what you, me, or the next poster think but what an adcom will think. We have to quit looking at our application packages as students but with the critical eye of an adcom member. We are not the ones to decide what is equivalent or not.

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