I love this website ... and hello!

My first time on this website, and I wish I had found this two years ago when I first started my post-bac program. I am 26 living in DC, just finished the pre-med post-bac program to get all my prerequisites. I originally majored in Japanese, and continued on to work in Japan and get a masters in international politics. But subsequent experiences really brought me back to my original dream of becoming a family physician, so I went back to school for the science classes. I did pretty well in the program, and am currently waiting for my MCAT scores (took them in April). I am also in the process of filling out the AMCAS application.
I am finding it hard to keep my confidence up and my outlook positive. I am feeling really bogged down with fear and self-doubt about whether I will be accepted anywhere. I am also having trouble writing a stellar personal statement for the application. I am registered for the OPM conference in DC, and I am looking forward to the great advice I am sure I will get. Right now, I would love to find other people in my position or who were in my position who I can talk to! Looking forward to meeting some of you in DC!

I am exactly where you are now (only 15 years older). Waiting for MCAT scores, finding important cleaning tasks to do around the house rather than continue editing my personal statement, kicking around new and different ways to use those 1300 characters to describe my “experiences”, and wondering what will become of me.
The conference will help a lot–there are lots of us like that, and you’ll get great information from our speakers to help you on your way.

I know exactly what you mean! I’m having trouble convincing myself that it’s a waste of time to check the MCAT website four times a day to see if the scores are in yet. I have to confess that I haven’t started on my personal statement yet. I’m still formulating what I want to write. And I wish I had more experiences! Oh well, I’m sure all of us will do great in the application process and be celebrating in 6 months that we got into med school.

Let me throw in this bit about personal statements…
I’m sure you’ve heard everyone say that the earlier that you get your application in the better… but let me add that the more polished your personal statement is the better off you’ll be… so if your app is 1-2 weeks later than you had originally planned, but your PS is incredible, you’ll probably fare a whole lot better…
I’ll give the advice that was given to me… write it… set it aside… edit it… set it aside… re-write it, set it aside… let it sit for a while… maybe even a week… then you’ll have a different perspective on what you’re trying to say and how to say it…
Also, I’d say start by just sitting down and writing about yourself or whatever it is is going to be your focus (obviously you - but whatever facet that is)… ignore all the character limits… it’s a whole lot easier to edit down some extraneous information than it is to keep from sounding short and controlled by character limits.
good luck!

I think I have finally gotten to a point with my personal statement where I don’t need to rewrite it. Now I just need to refine and edit. I think I wrote about 10 or 11 personal statements that just didn’t feel like me. Thanks for the advice - I only wish I had started a lot sooner with this process. Anyone who enjoys critiquing personal statements is more than welcome to look at mine!