I made it!

Just thought I’d post as a new physician in the physician’s forum. Very excited to do so and very excited to begin residency. Thanks for all your help and support…
Mark Piedra, M.D.

Congratulations Dr. Piedra!!!
I have thouroughly enjoyed reading about your experiences during your time at Mayo. Please continue to post about your residency experiences as well.

Congratulations, Dr. Piedra! Dr. Jane Jenab checking in here. Man, feels good, doesn’t it???!!! Graduation was an absolutely perfect night, one I will never forget. Attached is a photo of the newly minted MD. Man alive. I did it!


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Beautiful picture, Dr. Jenab! You look so excited!!! Best of luck during residency. Keep us posted on your experiences.

Congratulations Dr. Jenab!

Hey Mark,
Congratulations! I know that you are going to have a great time as you move through residency in the great Northwest! You (and Jane) have been shining examples of the best of OPM as you have shared your experiences and challenges. I know that you are going to make one “kicka–” neurosurgeon!
Can’t wait to hear about your residency experiences too.