Hey All,

I’m trying to go two for two with my post being answered either here on the forums or on the OPM Podcast. My questions this time around is “How will I pay for my post bacc and med school?” I understand that loans are the name of the game when it comes to med school but for the life of me I cant find any solid information on formal Post Bacc loans. Ideally I would like to not work during my Post Bacc and focus on school. From my understanding my bachelors degree prevents me from collecting governmental need based financial aid and I have yet to come across governmental loans for a Post Bacc. I’d appreciate any insight. Happy Studying.

  • GDL

Hi mrgdl -

If you are not applying in a formal program, you can ‘claim’ getting a 2nd bachelor’s just to use the federal funding to go towards retaking your science courses and higher division courses. Or you can just ‘claim’ an Associates in science or something similar to justify taking science courses :smiley: in a community college.

Does this make sense?

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Yeah it makes sense. Thanks for the insight. I plan on applying to strictly formal structured post bacc programs. My understanding is that if it is a certificate granting post bacc then I would qualify for student loans, but I haven’t found any concrete evidence on that. Specifically any evidence of this information as it pertains to the schools I plan on applying to.

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