I need your help

Hello everyone,

Please excuse me if I posted this in the wrong forum.

I’m an international student and i’m 28 year old girl. i just arrived in Montreal,QC and i’m studying English to get my Certificate of English proficiency.

The problem is I studied computer science at an open university back home and i never finished my degree and i was wondering if i have a chance to study at McGill. Do they accept students for undergraduate studies who are my age or older?

the last year i registered for back home was 2008/2009…

and my GPA is 2.76 from 4.

and is there anyway I can improve before I apply to it?

I’m really worried about this, i’m glad at least i have a chance to finish school. back home 28 is too old to go back to school. so please be patient with me i know i have a lot of questions. and thank you in advance for reading and replying,:slight_smile:

Well, I am not so familiar with Canada - we do have an OPM member from there (Lynda, where are you?) who can probably help more. Is McGill in Canada?

What I have heard is that is is more difficult to get into Canadian medical schools at an older age (in one’s 40’s) - one of our members is currently trying to give the admissions department some examples of US physicians who were in their 40’s when they started medical school. I don’t believe there is a problem studying as an undergraduate. Is there a community college system near there? If so, taking some courses there could aid you in showing the ability to do well and help you get into a 4 year college (as well as give you some credits to transfer).

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable about Canada will chime in.


  • Kate429 Said:
Is McGill in Canada?

Yes, McGill is in Montreal.

OPM has a recent graduate of the University of Sherbrooke's MD program who I believe is in his 50's.