i REALLY need some objectivity right now

up and down academic trend, maybe 3.0 sGPA maybe a 3.1

Graduated with an Allied Health degree - not strong GPA throughout program, finally picked it up final semester of my degree.


General biology 1 (3.7 after a retake)

General biology 2 3.0

Post bac (informal, very slow pace right now):

chem 1 (retake) 4.0

Genetics 4.0

Chem 2 - currently taking

So here’s the deal - I’m just not sure I really want to be a physician. There’s A LOT that goes into this thinking but fundamentally, I’m not sure I want to do what a doctor does. I’ve done the volunteering, shadowing etc. I like the science side of it and not really dealing with, treating,caring for people. I’ve gone from pre-nursing, pre-pharm to pre-med throughout my academic career and currently work in a health profession that is none of those, but I enjoy my job. What else out there is struggling with this doubt? But it’s not just doubt in my abilities, work ethic, time to do this while working full-time, but like I said…fundamentally I don’t think I want that role like I once did. If someone was there before, what brought you back to pursue medicine? You hear that cliche that if you can see yourself doing something other than being a doctor then don’t become a doctor? This has been an onoging multi-year, multi-season fight and I just don’t know if I have what it takes, nor if I really want this.

@Kyle wrote:

… but fundamentally, I’m not sure I want to do what a doctor does. I like the science side of it and not really dealing with, treating, caring for people.

I think you’ve answered your own question here. If you’re not sure you want to do what a doctor does, then maybe medicine isn’t the right path for you. That said, there are medical specialties that have limited patient interaction, such as diagnostic radiology and pathology.

If you’re more interested in the science of it, look into getting a master’s/PhD and doing research.

This is a long, hard road and you really need to be committed to make it work If you are in need of some inspiration, then head back into the hospitals/clinics. Go do some more shadowing, check out some other specialties. Maybe something will click, maybe you’ll have an interaction with a patient that’s very rewarding.

I answer this on Session 69! Check it out tomorrow (4/12/2017)

Went over to the podcasts and listened to the episode on this question.

It was brief, but definitely succinct. There is just no good reason to continue pursuing this goal if your whole soul is not committed. The only question I have is what difference, if one exists, is there between “doubt” arising from within the process vs. “doubt” coming from somewhere else. I confess, there have been times, particularly during a hard spell in my premed journey, where I’ve asked the question “Is this worth it?” I’ve always been able to answer that question in the affirmative as I can’t see myself doing anything else vocationally than being a physician. Nevertheless, I don’t think there is a hard and fast line between being committed to this arduous process and moments of uncertainty.