I wasn't even going to go to college


My name is Phil. BigPhil to almost all of my friends though I rarely tell anyone that is my nickname(and it just keeps following me so I’ll embrace it here). I am in the process of mulling over my future medical career like a tourist at a bungee jump experience in Germany. The language is different, I am far from home and I need to jump or my girlfriend will just look at me differently.

I am almost finished with my first year of my Masters in Threat and Response Management at the University of Chicago. I completed my undergrad last year at Northwestern. I am 28. Now, before you run off and start building the profile of some spoiled, chubby, wanna be doctor, Ishould tell you something. 6 years ago I was nothing more than a police academy graduate without a job and with barely enough community college credits to even be considered a student. I owe my entire education to my girlfriend. Lauren was the catalyst to this adventure. I had always enjoyed being in my own head but she taught me that an education would make that even more enjoyable. Boy, if she only knew what she created. Now I am on the verge of disrupting my baby’s newly formed career in Environmental Policy and Protection and looking at all possible angles to achieve what would be the ultimate goal I never knew I had. Become a doctor. It is scary just to think about it. But I think I am on the right track. I am about a year away from even starting my pre-reqs so I am taking the time to assemble a great support team so far consisting of Lauren, close friends and family, an attending(who is very motivated to help me) a current M3 and a recent Bio grad from Northwestern who only applied is 38 Mcat to the top five Md/PhD programs in the country and was mildly amused being waitlisted at Mayo. All are enthusiastic and supportive and all have great advice and information for me.

I am glad to finally register for this site. It feels like a step. I got a lot of encouragement reading about so many of you pursuing the dream with kids and weddings and partners and families. You are all nuts and I think you are all heroes. My mind is open and I am excited to see how far I can go.


B.S Politcal Science Northwestern University

MScTRM University of Chicago

Licensed EMT-b with over 800 hours violunteer service

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Currently working in Logistics for the Department of Homeland Security.


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Bad Ass

From one “bad ass” to another…

Welcome!! Go big or stay home!!

Hey BigPhil

Welcome to the forum. It seems you have thought about it long and hard.

You have plenty of time to pursue your dream. I wish you the best of luck and above all, enjoy the ride.

somebody finally joined who already has the right attitude from the get go…

grown ups?!? we dont need no steenkin grown ups…

Go big or stay home, indeed!