I will start 1st year Basic Sci half time

As I posted before I was Joining the 6yr med program at St. Christopher’s College of Medicine this past Jan. Wow it has been eye opening after not being in school for so long. Now in May I am allowed to start Basic Science courses. Becuase I have a few more courses to finish I will be half in Basic science and half in other courses at the St. Chris. I’m excited! Kathy is bringing her family over we both are celebrating tonight!
Cheers Bill

…and Bill cooked some awesome spaghetti and meatballs, and the bottles of wine were pretty darn good too!!

Well I’ve been busy, I started studying the first day of classes and slowed down today a bit to breath! Still I’m doing some though. I’m taking Epi and Embryo, Epi is hard cause my professor is not very good at Biostats so I’m attending free tutoring at school. I also have an undergrad Physics and Chem to contend with. Just enough to keep me busy! I look at a week and think well 7 study days how many hours each day?

Just thought to update, This past semester was very intense, I took 2 undergrad with 2 Medschool courses: Embryo and Epi. (Epi at St. Chris is 2 classes a week) Well I did pretty well passing my courses so next semster I will finish First semester Med school: Anatomy, Cell histo, med term and 1 undergrad. I will continue for at least one more semester of taking 1 Undergrad course with medschool courses. It’s hard but do able.
I really don’t need many more undergrad since I have 102 credits undergrad with a Nursing Degree.