If a school wants to know why you applied to them,

is geographical location a valid reason? I mean I’d love to say that it’s due to some exotic reason, but it all comes down to where I live now and proximity to the SO.
It just seems like admitting to “location, location, location” being the prime mover is a bit shallow.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with noting that location is an important factor. Why is it a good fit? For instance… family considerations,social support network in the area, commitment to the community, familiarity with the climate,etc,etc “all of the previously mentioned factors will positively contribute to my success in med school”

PNP2MD is absolutely right and put it really well. Schools like to know you’re high on their list - for most schools they will need to accept more people than they have seats in the class (obviously, some will decide to go elsewhere). All in all, they’re more favorably disposed toward the folks who seem most likely to attend. So indicating strong local ties is generally a good move IMHO.

Being embedded in the community, caring about the people of that community, feeling a sense of rootedness–those are all good things for a doctor. Just make sure to frame it in a positive way rather than a negative (“I don’t want to move” would be a bad explanation).