I'll scratch yours, if you scratch mine...

Hi everyone,

This is my first post!

I’m Caroline, one of those “lurkers” from the conference. Many of you probably met me, but I changed my username (internet stalker, long story).

Anyways, I’m applying this year and looking for a “buddy” who is willing to read my personal statement and give me butally honest feedback. In return I will give you the same and/or my wonderful friendship (whichever you prefer).

If your interested send me a PM.




I am glad you decided to take the plunge & shrug off the lurker gig. While I am not in a position to review your PS - my spelling & grammar are pretty weak & I am literally snowed under with obligations for the foreseeable future - I am sure you will ample help here on OPM.

Again, welcome!

I can read the PS.

Happy to help too! Best of luck…