I'm Back

Well, after a divorce, resigning my flight nurse position and moving back to the tundra aka Minnesota; I’m finally enrolled in a Post Bacc Pre-Med and it’s not been as smooth as I had hoped for. Physics is killing me and my 43 year old brain.

Congrats on surviving with your motivation and tenacity in tact!

It’s not quite the tundra in MN (yet!!!) - where are you doing post bacc?

I’m at the only post bac in MN…Northwestern Health Sciences University. Accelerated Chem and Phys, what was I thinking.

What turned you off from DIY at U or Mac or Ham or StT or St K, or Bethel or …?

(I’m from MN and did the DIY)

Hang in there!!! You can do it!!! You were a flight nurse, which means you’re a stud and a high achiever!!!