I'm morried

Well, here I go… I came across this website so I am very new to the writing. I’ a recent graduate from St John’s University in NY and I was thinking about Med School which it was dream since I was a little girl. The problem is that even though I have some of the classes needed I didnt do as well as I should have. I did a lot of research looking for a master’s program because and I’m a Medical Technologist however, there is no carreer I was able to find that caught my attention enough to be able to see myself doing it for the rest of my life but Medicine. I’m stress because I’m 26 years old, I have a son and sometimes I feel I could make it but others I feel I couldn’t make it. I have a thousand questions and if there is someone out there that cab help me… please … I need help!

Welcome, Johanna! I think you’ll find that OPM is a great place to find information as well as support.

Just from a general perspective, I often find it helpful to remember a few key points…

1 - It’s never too late to start something you love

2 - The path isn’t easy, but neither is it impossible.

Pull up a chair, browse through the forums, and make yourself at home .

I truly apologize but this is really twisting my noodle - in your title,are you ‘married’, or are you ‘worried’?

Oooppss… It’s supposed to be “I’m worried”