I'm new here and in need of help!

Ok, here’s the problem. I’m 25, single, and have one child (he’s 2). I went straight out of high school to pursue my dream and faced a tragedy that kinda put a fork in the road. I’m approx. a year and a half into the Bac. degree and I want to jump back in now. The problem is that it’s not just me anymore I have a family now. I can’t do night classes because I don’t have help with my son. And I don’t think I can quit work for obvious reasons. My question is how much help is out there? I have the drive I just don’t have the resources.

Well, first welcome to Old Premeds! You’ll find many great perspectives here.

I know this may be difficult to hear, but considering your circumstances, mainly being a mom of a young child and this child’s sole support…maybe it would do better for you to wait awhile. At 25, you are really young in some aspects for this board…if you have to wait awhile, you are not going to lose anything. Medicine isn’t going anywhere. You don’t however want to miss out on your son’s many milestones…these you can’t get back.


Hi and welcome.

I myself am a single mom of 2(5 & 7). It is such hard work caring after little ones especially by yourself. I have to say just hang in there and dont get in a rush about finishing school. Take a couple classes here and there…ease back into the school thing. The key is to do well in the classes you do take.(quality not quanity) I am sure you qualify for financial aid as i did. That might allow you to cut back a few hours at work. You might check also if your college has an early childhood program where your little one can stay while you are in school. They are usually over staffed and provide top notch care as well as provide a discount to you because you attend school there and qualify for financial aid. You will find as your child grows up life gets a bit less stressful. You should also think about a career in health care that can serve as a stepping stone to your ultimate goal.(ie RN, rad tech, EMT, ect) It looks great on the med school app. Also life changes all the time…you might meet the perfect one to help you with your journey.

take care