I'm not alone

I’m so relieved to finally find this site and hear the stories of others “just like me”. I’ve spent the last few months talking to family and friends, researching online and trying to get my pre-med classes scheduled, etc. but felt pretty alone in my quest. I’m incredibly thankful to discover that this is not the case. Just a quick note to say hi and introduce myself before I get back to perusing the forums and gathering more inspiration. In a nutshell, I’m a 42 year old married father of 2 boys living in San Diego and ready to leave behind a career in computer technology to follow my dream. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences here… I already feel at home.

Welcome Steve!!

Welcome and hang tight. That’s going to be quite a ride!.


Welcome to OPM! I hope you find this to be a valuable resource and a welcoming community. I know I have.

Welcome! I know that feeling of relief when you have been saying to yourself " Am I crazy? No one else my age is doing this, are they?"…and then you find that…they are, and succeeding!


Welcome!!! I’m new to this site as well and have found everyone to be very helpfull and the forums are packed with information to help you on your journey.

hi steve, i’m also leaving behind my career in computer technology to follow my dream. so welcome to the club.