I'm not so old

Hey guys,

My name is Erika and I have a problem. And don’t we all! lol.

Seriously though I’ve been pre-med since I was 17. A realization that made me a little frustrated, since I feel I should already be in Med school. Here’s my story:

I did most (pretty much all) of my med school planning by myself with no guidance. I read a lot of books and tried talking with a lot of people and somehow managed to navigate being pre-med. The problem was, I tanked all my pre-req classes (as least after I transferred to the University of Minnesota from a small private callege near by). And tanking for me was only getting Cs and C+s, no matter how much or how many ways I studied. Turns out I had a lovely thing called ADD the whole time. I got diagnosed my very last semester (then had my best semester in college ever).

I graduated with a B.S. in biology last December. Overall GPA was a 3.0, Science GPA a lovely 2.7.

I also moved across the country 5 months ago (Sunny Florida.

I’ve started studying for the 2015 MCAT because I want to ace it

Anyone have any suggestions for me?

See you folks around!

Hi, congrats on the move to a much warmer climate !

I think that you have to make sure that in your personal statement you have to make sure to explain your circumstances. It may be possible for you to do a post-back, an official one or on your own,to retake your pre-reqs for better grades (try to Ace them). A Great MCAT score is very important too.

When you have made these decisions or taken those exams, make sure to apply early (June,July) and apply broadly for the best chances.

Don’t rush, trust me, in this forum there are plenty of us who are old enough to know, make choices based on what will improve your chances, not on how soon you’ll get there.

I wish you the best!!!

From another ADD (technically, ADHD-PI as it’s now known) student! My stats and story are similar to yours, except your grades are fantastic compared to mine.

Best of luck, and feel free to ask if you ever have any questions!