In need of advise

So I spoke with the Dean of my top choice, UMDNJ-SOM. She told me that she would like me to retake the MCAT to see if I can get at least a 25. As you guys know, they will put my application on hold and I may get in this summer. She told me that if I do not get in this summer with a 25 that I should reapply and I will know by September.
I will confirm with her at that time if I should do early decision. I really want to go to this school and they really like me.
I still have 3 more applications to fill out for this cycle. If I am not excited about these schools, should I even bother to send in the applications? Or should I just concentrate on getting a better score on the MCAT which would almost solidify my entry to UMDNJ?
Thanks for your thoughts.

Gabe -
This is a complicated decision. If your ultimate goal is UMDNJ-SOM, and you feel that you WILL eventually end up there, then perhaps it is a waste of time, money and effort to complete these applications.
On the flip side, I almost canceled my interviews at two schools after being accepted to one that I considered a “better” school. I decided to go to them, and was glad I did. I was much more impressed with and liked those two schools a lot more than I thought I would. Although I did not end up attending either of those schools, I think it was worth it to go and find out about things that are different and the same across medical schools. Even though you may not be “excited” by these other three schools, if you end up interviewing there, you may be pleasantly surprised and have a lot more to think about.
So - just a couple of thoughts.

Unless you know for a FACT that yes they will accept you if you incrase to a 25 but this better be in writing because Deans can change…then maybe I would consider not filling out more secondaries. I personally would NOT trust anyone unless I get a notarized copy he he.

Tough decision. I went thru something similar. I’d had my heart set on attending Downstate - in state tuition and living in Brooklyn was all I wanted. Anyway, my MCAT was underwhelming but I did make it into NYCOM and I’m very happy here. UMDMJ-SOM has a small class so it may be tough to make it work out. If you are interested in NYCOM, come check it out. I’ll be happy to show you around and fill you in. It is a BIG class ~300 and they take many people with 25 MCATs. They haven’t started interviewing yet. They will soon though.
Good luck.

Are you dead set on attending this school or something? How is your GPA? I know a fairly decent amount of people getting into other schools with around your MCAT score. What other schools are you applying to? You really can’t get a good feel for the schools until you have visited them and even then it makes decisions hard. Is it worth it to you to not send out the other apps and delay matriculating for another year? If it is, then I say do what you gotta do.

thanks for all of your advise, I have decided to finish my applications.


So I spoke with the Dean of my top choice, UMDNJ-SOM. She told me that she would like me to retake the MCAT to see if I can get at least a 25. ks for your thoughts.

Gabe, I’m a bit confused as to which NJ school you are referring to? Not RWJ, right? If that’s correct, then the information I have (from the MSAR and the Premedical Advisor’s Reference Manual) indicates that the top person in the admissions office is Dr. George Heinrich. (At RWH it is a woman, Dr. Terrigino.) (Did you talk with Ms. Lettman, the Dir. of Admissions [she would be the 2nd in command] at UMDNJ?)
The reason I ask, is that it is extremely unusual for a medical school to accept April MCAT scores for admission into the class 5-6 months later. I would want to make sure that this is their policy by delicately discussing this with the Associate Dean of Admissions. (This may not be a politically wise move, however.)
I think that it is a good idea that you are continuing the process this year.

Hi Judy,
I am talking about the School of Osteopathic Medicine. The plan of action was given to me by one of the deans at the school. I met with her while I was at the school sitting in on classes.
Thanks for your encouragement, I really appreciate it.

Oops. Somehow I missed that. Thanks for the clarification!

All done. My last application went out this morning. Now, the only thing I can do is to wait. This has to be the worst part of the whole process.

Just wanted to give you so encouragement. I have a 22 MCAT and applied to 6 DO schools, received 5 interviews, and was accepted into the schools I interviewed at so far, I have 3 interviews left.
Good Luck!