In need of guidance/direction


I’m currently working full-time at a big financial institution and planning on taking the MCATs (for the 3rd time due to low scores on the old MCATs) in May. I have all the necessary pre-req classes but I haven’t had any recent volunteering experience. I’ve had over 200 hours volunteering at UPenn’s hospital, the last time being about a year or so ago, and extensive over-seas non-medical mission trips in my high school, college, and post-college years (Mexico three times, Kenya, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan). In addition I had a brief stint of research for about 9 months but that was about 2-3 years ago. My biggest concern is getting enough LOR’s as I do have many great letters on file that are a bit outdated and I am not currently taking any classes as I’m working full-time and recently married. Being 28, I realized I’m still young, but is there any advice that I could be given? I feel as though, even with a high MCAT score, my chances lie within a DO school. Am I competitive based on just extra-curriculars/life experiences? GPA is 3.3 overall and 3.6~3.7 science and given that I do well on the MCATs. Thank you for any insight!

Your record seems pretty competitive based on what you said. GPA is a little below the mean but nothing gross really. The major issue I see is you taking the MCAT for the 3rd time. Be prepared to discuss what lead to the multiple low scores and what you did to correct it once you blow this next one out of the water.

Unless you absolutely want to be a DO due to philosophical reasons, I don’t see why you should not look at MD schools during the application process as well.