Incoming MS1's - getting excited yet?

My orientation starts tomorrow. We’re going to some resort for the first two days (and overnight) and then three days at the school. This will be my first night away from the baby. I hope my husband gets some sleep. I know I will (for a change!). smile.gif
I’m a little concerned about the “family friendliness” of my school. I had to go in Thursday to process my insurance waiver, and they wouldn’t let me in the building with my 9-month old baby. The guard said that kids are prohibited from entering unless you have a letter from the dean. I eventually got a security escort to where I needed to go, but it was a huge pain. I hope this isn’t a sign of how things are going to be!
How are the other soon-to-be-MS1’s doing? Getting psyched?
P.S. I started a Soap Notes Diary if anyone is interested. Feel free to make comments - it’s hard to know if anyone is reading it at all. Here’s a link:

Well, I'm definitely psyching myself out. I've started waking in the middle of the night wondering what I've gone and gotten myself into this time.
School starts for me on August 13.
Susan - Chicago/Minneapolis

Hi everyone,
It’s a terrific and mixed thing to be starting med school…
Since moving at the beginning of July (from SE Pennsylvania to SW Virginia w/husband, children, dog, fish, household things), my focus has been on getting our home settled. I’ve done fresh (tough, scrubable) paint everywhere and lots of unpacking and organizing.
My husband will be telecommuting from home, so we’re adjusting to that…it’s gone well so far.
This week I’ve been buying “back-to-school” supplies for our sons. For myself too! My laptop arrives today and it’s “laptrap” arrives on Thursday. It’ll be a lot faster than any 'puter we’ve got here. (Ted’s got 'puter envy! laugh.gif ) Need to get more of the textbooks, but it’s funny/fun/odd to be “back-to-schooling” after my glide year.
I’m excited, want to meet more of my classmates, etc. There’s 150 of us and we’ll be VCOM’s first class. The school is pretty charged up, great facilities, upbeat people, etc. On the one hand “I can’t wait!” and on the other “holy cow!”…I finally get to become/be a doctor. While many people have done it, it is a large personal and professional path. We get to balance and juggle as we do this (and after)…while hopefully keeping a sense of humor! smile.gif
When I look at the OPM’s Honor Roll’s growing number of acceptees to med school each year, I’m pleased with/proud of this group in a poignant way. Read it over and you see the names and the schools that we’re in…very cool! Read it over and realize the personal stories behind each of us “getting there”…again, very cool, in a poignant way. Everyone on the list has overcome naysayers and/or self-doubt, financial and/or academic obstacles. Terrific!
Like the little engine that could, I’m going on faith (i.e. “I think I can, I think I can”) and lining up the details so I can do this. Good luck everyone!

For me, it all begins just 90 hours from now (at 8:30 a.m. Monday morning) - - - - not that I’m excited and counting or anything!
I have walked around the alumni center pretending to work all week with this dumb little smile plastered on my face. I just can’t seem to make it go away!
I think I’ll probably be awake most of the night Sunday just waiting for Monday morning to get here! I’ve already met several of the new incoming students, and of course I have two of our fellow OPMers to share the trip with, so I feel really blessed!
The only thing I have left to do is go get my hair cut tomorrow, throw in a few highlights just to cover a little gray at the temples, and maybe buy a new outfit or two this weekend!
I’ve already bought some of the required books, and one that is not required, but is fun reading. (I’m not home right now, but I think the name is “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat”).
Anyway, I can’t wait for Monday to get here! And for those of you just beginning the application process, let me tell you a secret. 50% of the students at WVSOM this year are out of state, so don’t neglect applying here because you think you won’t get in. There are students from all over the U.S.! And they love nontrads!! biggrin.gif

QUOTE (Linda Wilson @ Jul 31 2003, 10:15 AM)
I've already bought some of the required books, and one that is not required, but is fun reading. (I'm not home right now, but I think the name is "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat").

I love Oliver Sachs books - neurology is a fascinating discipline-

Getting excited? Well let me tell ya, you all should be VERY excited! I’ve just completed my first month as an MS1 here in San Antonio. Today we had our first written exam for the first “phase” of Clinical Integration. It looks like we really get a jumpstart at it, but it’s definitely been time well spent. It’s amazing to see students with very limited clinical training come in and perform a 315 point physical examination to near-perfection. So yeah, good luck to all my fellow student-doctors who are beginning classes in the next few weeks.
Proud to be an OPM’er!
Kevin Fite
UTHSCSA Class of '07

Yup, me too. I just got back from London and saw everything about the school and met a few profs there. The facility is excellent and the student body is great. The system is being gradually changed to reduce class time from 32 hr/wk to 24 with a few sub groups in PBL. So all in all it looks great for me and I am anxious to get started.
Living in England is gonna be fun and challenging. I think ordering a covered potato is funny considering its baked. Its a great thing for all of us. Its different than moving to say,…DC, but not different than moving to NYC or even Boston. Big City, just different customs and in a foreign country.
Oh yeah, a few of my classmates are Paramedics too…from Texas.