inspiration needed!

Hi,I am still completing my postbacc reqs after having gone to business school and working in the Finance world for a few years.

Recently, i find myself questioning my career change and asking myself if it really is worth it? Should I just stick with my original career???

Did anyone feel the same way and find a way out of the rut? I especially feel this way knowing that i won’t be getting an A in the Chem 2 course I am taking (not that I have gotten A’s in the other classes either, my grades are pretty much B+) but my question really is should i not be letting my grades affect my determination or is my lack of focus just an indicator that i am not determined enough???

thanks for any insight…

Well, I think what I would want to know in your shoes is WHY you’re getting B+ grades. Are you not spending enought time? Are you not studying in a way that works for you? Are you failing to adapt your study patterns to the needs of a particular class? Are you not getting the help you need from instructors or tutors?

One thing you DO have to do to go into this field, I think, is analyze things and adapt your approach if it’s not quite working right. So, you tell us: what gives?