Int. Undergrad sharing a story- accepts sugg

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Like some of you here I need some help and support. I thank those that are reading for doing it . I would love if anyone has any comments… I am an international undergrad degree holder (major in biology) that is trying to get into med school. I work full time for a university where I study at the same time. I am completing the premed credits I did not have from my degree. I hope this school gives me the opportunity of an interview, however, it is a very competitive program… My issue is that I am 26, my GPA is low, and the undergrad program accepted the credits I took outside of the States but they did not transfer my grades (that is their policy!! the grading system is different). if I don’t drop one of the classes I am taking, because both are super hard, I would have 20 credits taken in the States. I have looked to some programs to see if I would have a chance and some don’t specify whether they accept or not international undergrads. Does anybody have a clue or guidance to schools that accept int undergrads??? How long did it take you to get ready for the MCAT considering courses and working full time and being horrible test taker??? Do you think I still have a chance to apply for the next cycle??? Do you have any suggestions???

Thank you again!!!

It sounds like you need a well thought out plan for getting into med school. One nice thing is that you are young. Some of us here are doing this at 40 plus. I would conquer the prereqs like biology, chem, orgo and physics taking no more than 1-2 classes at a time since you are working also. You have to make A’s in these classes to be competitive. These classes are the basis for the MCAT as well. Knowing this material inside and out would help you tremendously. I’m not sure what classes you consider “super hard” but remember that medical school curriculum is super hard too. Once you finish these classes prepare for the MCAT. You could take a structured course or study on your own, if you are disciplined. From what I have learned here from those who have made it in and beyond, you need to be focused on the goal. Don’t try to rush the process. It will take 2-3 years to take the prereqs, take the MCAT, prepare the application, etc. If you take your time and do it right, it will be worth it. Good luck.

I have a feeling you will get differing opinions on this issue. It is not clear if you are a US resident/citizen with an international undergrad degree, or if you are seeking to apply to med school as a non-resident on a student visa. There will be a difference in your chances depending on which scenario applies to you.

My personal opinion from my own research – you’ll need at least 1 year’s worth of coursework from a US institution: around 36 semester credits I think. Preferable if those credits are pre-req coursework, and if or after you have pre-reqs completed, take other relevant advanced level coursework as needed to make up the one year time frame.

There were a few threads on this topic that originated a few months ago. I participated in most of them, so you can click on my username and find those posts. I can’t say much about the MCAT etc, since I’m not there yet. Hope that helps.

To add to Dullhead here is my situation. I have been in the USA since 2003 or so and got my green card a few months ago. I got a PhD in science back from France and it seems next to useless as far as requirements for Med School.

When I filed for a green card in July 2007 I was not sure I would get it, and I was working hard to maintain my pending status, so pre-reqs or Med School application was out of question. I delayed over 2 years now, simply to get a status that was compatible with my aspirations. The goal is to get to Med School and not get there fast (although the faster, the better). Needless to say that unless you have a green card, or there is something very very special about your case, you chances to go to medical school under a student visa and alike are next to zero. Now some Med School accept international students, but these are private, very expensive, and ask that you show you can pay the tuition since you wouldn’t be eligible for loans.

Thanks for the comments guys!! It took me a while to respond but here I am. Just to clarify, I am a lucky green card holder and recently applied to become a citizen, so my issue is basically the international undergrad and low GPA. I will read your posts Dullhead and thank you all for taking the time!!

I will let you know how it goes!!!

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