Interesting development....

So apparently Penn State over-enrolled their class and I just received an offer to defer a year in exchange for 2 years’ full scholarship. It’s done by lottery, so I guess that means not everyone who agrees to defer will actually get this deal? Nevertheless, if they had offered it a month and a half ago when I was stressing about selling my house, I would definitely have considered. But now that closing is fast approaching and I’m out $20k to get the deal done, AND I’ve signed a year’s lease and moved…I just can’t even consider it. I suppose from a financial perspective, if the 2 years of free tuition was guaranteed, then it might make sense despite my current situation. But since it’s via lottery, I’d be oh so horrified to put off another year, at my age, and STILL end up paying full tuition.

I’m pretty sure my state school is in the same predicament. I’m surprised that schools didn’t anticipate that, with this terrible economy, students (whether on their own or at their parents’ urging) are more likely to choose their state school than they would have been in previous years. Quite an interesting predicament for them.

Seems like you would express interest in deferring and then out of the pool of people who expressed interest, you would get picked randomly.

Hard call. I feel the age issue but 2 years full ride is a helluva lot of dough! If you had a good plan on how to use that extra year it might be feasible.

A research project is required for graduation. I know some people are able to get it waived if they’ve done previous significant research. I wonder if the year could be spent doing research to meet that requirement so that I wouldn’t have to do it concurrently with med school…

switz, wow, i guess i never thought about what would happen in the over-enroll scenario because i just assumed that the schools accept numbers such that it doesn’t happen. what did you end up deciding?

It wasn’t a hard decision - I’m ready to start NOW, so onward and upward! We have received more info and it appears that they need 10-15 students to defer! That’s a lot of $$ on their part. I also just received a letter from my state school and they’re in a similar dilemma (although they only over-enrolled by one student - thus no waitlist movement). I’m getting super excited to start in a month (eeeeek!!!). How about you Shawn?? What are you doing to “prepare?”

Penn State = American Airlines?? Who would have thought?

If they come back with 3 years tuition, jump on it!!

switz, i bought a bunch of Step 1 books and i plan on glancing through them while i have free time in the couple weeks before med school. i also have to pack/clean the condo and get it ready for our renters b/c we move to our house in two weeks. also will finish work at the end of this month. have to buy a new macbook and get a cover for my iPad, get a student id, motorcycle parking pass… i’m also excited but there’s so much to do!

Shawn -

I don’t know how much use the Step 1 books will be right now (although no harm!) But after taking Step 1 last week I WOULD suggest getting PATHOMA and using that as you work thru the systems in the next 2 years. Not all the material in any way, but a GREAT basis for understanding the pathology. The things that WERE pathology related that were covered in Pathoma, I remembered in detail and were able to answer with much less uncertainty, whereas I was “fuzzier” in a lot of other areas.

One other piece of advice - make your own or use and annotate a good set of flashcards. Say “pathology” and “pharm” for each system. I found that very helpful and if you already have the done, your review will go that much more smoothly.