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Hello all.
I recently was invited to join about 80 other pre-meds on an “International Mission on Medicine”. Has anyone ever heard of these or taken one before? The tuition is about $4500 for two and a half weeks. The packet said that community fund-raising was the best way to fund the trip.
I have a huge list of community organizations and nearly all the businesses AND physicians (although I don’t know how they will feel about funding a pre-med) that I am about to send solicitation letters to. Does anyone have any other ideas or similar experience in this sort of trip that could help with funding?
I am waiting on the school to respond on assisting, but I am doubtful about them helping. Wish me luck!
I was so looking forward to Denver, but I would get back at nearly the exact time that convention starts. Oh well, if anyone has any information on International Mission trips, I’d be very grateful for your input.

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I am assuming that no one has ever heard of International Mission on Medicine then?

I’ve never heard of this program. What does it involve? Where does the trip go to? I’d research it pretty carefully before investing that much money. Maybe it’s fine and all, but I’d check first. There are less expensive ways to get international medical experience. Anyway, good luck!

a google brought up this site:

I was considering working for this company guiding one of their other trips, so I have seen their itineraries and have some idea of their business. For example, on the medical tour to Australia you watch lifeguards perform a "live rescue demonstration in the treacherous Australian surf."
This is basically a guided tour. It is short and expensive. It seems to be aimed at premeds who want the “international medicine” experience on their resume.
My opinion is that if you want meaningful international med experience, there are much better and more cost-effective ways to get it.

One book that addresses international medical electives is “How to Find and Select an International Medical Elective”. It costs $17.50 ($15 + $2.50 shipping).
Book Elective
862 Buckeye Court
Tipp City, Ohio 45371
It was written by an MD who has spent his career in international medicine. It’s geared for medical students, but many of the organizations also look at pre-meds. When I was looking for something to possibly fill-out my summer last year, I noticed that many were this way.

Hi…here’s the “medical mission” links I’ve got:
Hope that helps…it’s something I want to start looking into for b/w MS- and -2, and/or for after Step 1. Good luck!

Here’s another one!:

Can you tell I’m looking into this myself?!
Here’s a book I found on (UK):
“Medic’s Guide to Work & Electives Around the World”; ISBN #
I’ll be talking with one of our faculty physicians soon about the medical missions we’ve got here at VCOM. Listen to this: VCOM will have medical missions in both India and Russia. Extremely wonderful opportunity!

Great suggestions! Thanks everybody for the extra tips!


Oh well, if anyone has any information on International Mission trips, I’d be very grateful for your input.

I apologize for my lateness to this thread. I have some experience with international medical missions and thought I would add some suggestions.

I have the opportunity to join up with three different medical mission teams this summer. Note: I stopped looking for more opportunities after I got to three. Also, I limited my choices only to those offered this summer.

Haiti - June 2004, about 9 days, two of which are travel to and from. Cost is $1250, not including vaccines and pre-trip physical. This is the team I will join - coup d’etat notwithstanding.

Honduras - July 2004, about 12 days, two days of which are travel. Cost is about $1800. I considered this trip carefully, excluded it in favor of Haiti. This was before the recent civil unrest in Haiti made me reconsider.

Brazil - July 2004, about 12 days, three to four of which are travel. Cost is about $1000. I have a friend going on this trip and if Haiti doesn’t work out, I will join this group.

I have seen many posts on OPM asking for information about medical mission trips. However, I have been reluctant to respond, because all of my experience with mission trips comes through religious organizations. All of the above trips are MEDICAL missions offered through either my church, an interfaith network, or the church of my childhood, respectively. While these mission trips are offered through churches, the focus is still medical.

It has been my experience that religious organizations not only encourage international medical missions, they often organize and support them. If anyone is considering an International Medical Mission, I would suggest looking at the religious organizations in the community. That is what I have done and I will be going on my third international mission trip this summer.

– Rachel

Thanks! Those are good suggestions…