International students and thinking to apply at us med school

Hi everybody. I am some points to be answered-
I am an Indian student currently pursuing bachelor’s of engineering from Indian University and thought of applying to the US med school at very late. I would be getting around 3 gpa when converted from Indian Standards to the US GPA standard I am getting this low grade because during my first year I got a accident in which I got an implant in my right leg and that is screwed of my results for the first year and then I got another type of depression that I’m not studying the thing that I should study and I quickly lost my interest in this field but then it again and the interest and I am currently doing good in the studies now I have few questions to be answered-
What should I further do not to get my GPA better post bacc program aur an MS in biomedical Sciences I am interested
I am also willing to do various certificate course that are conducted in India will that help me to increase my GPA?
Should I consider doing another undergraduate degree from us or my current degree would be doing well
I am also doing a bit research type with my professor in India would that help me?
I hope you would answer my problems as these are some of the common problems that an international student might face while applying to investment school and also I need a scholarship so please tell me what to do next for it thank you

I would definitely recommend a post bacc, a 3.0 is not very competitive for US schools. Also if you are international or considered an international student be sure to choose a school list that take a good amount of international students, it is not always your state school. Also keep in mind you will have to do very well in your program and take high level science courses to prove you are ready. Just my thoughts.