Interview prep advice?

I just thought I would start a thread trying to get people’s input on what the best strategies are as far as interview prep. Ok, here’s what I’m planning to do for mine:
1) Read questions on and think of or possibly jot down, some answers
2) Read and be thoroughly familiar with the school and what I like about it. On that note, what if one of the school’s main draws for me is its public health opportunities? Is it ok to mention that, as long as I have some things about the actual med school that I like too? If I’m lucky, I’ll find some work done by grads of the school that’s inspiring to me so I can mention that during the interview.
3) Keep up to date on important health issues. Right now I’m reading a book about the failure of the American public health system. I’m getting up to date on the complexities of our insurance problems and on the growing resistance of microbes to antibiotics. I also have a book on clinical ethical situations I’m hoping to get through. Ok, maybe it’s a bit forced to cram all this stuff in at the last minute, but I’m just trying to refresh my mind. Any other subjects I should get to? Stem cell research, perhaps?
4) Take my interview clothes out for a pre-interview spin.
5) Oh and how could I forget–totally know my own application. Yikes. Some of it goes back a long ways.
Anything I’m missing? I’m sure other soon-to-be interviewees have some things they’ve thought of too.

Good list but add…
6. Be yourself. You can impress without trying to be impressive.
7. Relax

Don’t forget to do a practice interview. (With a med student, physician, pre-med advisor, anyone somewhat familiar with the process.)

I did that with my pre-med committee a couple months ago. They videotaped me and I’m going to watch the tape this weekend. I’m not sure reading public health books was the best idea since I am now convinced that the AMA is the single leading cause of our country’s current health care funding debacle, but I’ve certainly been learning a lot!

  • check out UW ethics site, read a few scenarios, think about issues
    - check out Kaiser Foundation site with disease/mortality stats for state in which school is located, get familiar with couple of high-priority issues for them
    - be able to tell them why you think their third-year rotations are fabulous and will suit you so well - they like that you think ahead to the clinical opportunities rather than trying to tell them that their courses are so fabulous (because usually they are not, and the faculty know that)
    have fun!

Hi there,
I exercised my moderator status on SDN and put some suggestions in a thread under Pre-Allopathic called “Do they ask academic questions on interviews?” Check out that thread.

Thanks everyone! This thread is quickly becoming extremely helpful. I’ll spend the weekend following up on each bit of advice.