(Sometimes, I get lost in this site. I posted a msg last week about interview questions and for the life of me I can’t find it.)
Anyways, I had my two phone interviews with UConn. I think I did a good job answering the questions. The first interviewer did not let much out (I could not read him), so I am not sure what exactly he thought of me. He was not impressed with my average GRE scores. (Thank God for my 3.94 GPA.) I did the interview one hour after I ran a mini-marathon. I did not even have time to shower. It was a very hot day and three people had cardiac arrest. One died.
The second interview was today and the man was really nice. I think if it is up to him, I will be admitted directly to the Med School (I wish!!!). I will be starting my post-bac this Fall. I can’t believe how fast time if going by.

"Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius."

Nikkie, I do remember reading your previous post. Congratulations on good interview!

You might not realize this but if you click on your own name you will see your personal profile and at the bottom of the page it will say…Show all user’s posts. If you click on that you will be taken to all the posts you have ever posted.
Congrats on the interviews, hope things turn out well.