Intro and Props

I’m a 41 year old with a bachelor’s in video-film/political science who just started his first semester of school after 18 years. I’m taking chemistry plus the lab and I have to say that I’m in awe of the folks taking 2 or 3 or even 4 classes while working too. I work full time so I’m taking the classes at night and so far so good. I did exceptionally well on exam one and quite poorly on exam two so I’m hopeful to right the ship on exam three and the final. That said, I do enjoy going to class and I’m using all my energy to do as best as I can.

I’d like to say thanks to the folks on this site for providing good advice (I’ve already invoked rule 4. And rule 1 was very useful before exam 1; should have repeated for exam 2). The support given and plain speaking are exactly what is needed for a journey such as this. I can’t say I’m sure I’ll make it all the way through but it won’t be for lack of support both at home and right here in this forum.

I read on here somewhere that if you can be happy doing anything else, then do that instead of this. I tend to agree. Some days I’m gung-ho and some days I’m wondering where the exit is. But I’ll keep moving forward little by little.

Thanks again and see you around the boards!

Welcome to OPM!

Thanks! Your diaries are very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome to OPM!! I’m right there with you–taking classes at night and working full time during the day… it feels like I’m always beyond max capacity, but hey–it’s only for a season, and the time is flying by!!

Hang in there… we look forward to getting to know you!