Hello everyone.

Been reading for a while but just joined up. I have what I belive is a complex situation on my path to medicine.

I’m 38 (39 when I start classes in the fall). I know from reading this forum that that is not too old but every doctor I know personally thinks I’m totally insane!

I am currently a teacher in an inner city public school. In graduate school, I did very well (3.67). I also know from reading these forums that graduate grades have very little to no bearing whatsoever on medical school admissions. I also owned a business for 6 years. My story is more compelling than that, I believe, but I’ll just leave it there.

Here’s where it gets bad: 2.7 uGPA from 20 years ago, littered with Fs and Ws, no science. No ECs.

I applied to several postbacc programs. So far, I have been accepted to one and have been invited for an interview with another. I’m still waiting to hear from some other schools. Unbelievably, the interview school is a top tier postbacc and one where you would look at my uGPA and say "Say what?!??? Of course I know I still have a daunting task at this interview but my grades somehow made the cut. In any event, I do know I’m headed to a formal postbacc this fall for sure.

So where do I stand? Let’s say I’m accepted into this top tier program, ace it (I know, you don’t need to go there!), I just don’t see how I can get the GPA to an acceptable level even with a staight 4.0. With a 3.8-4.0 science GPA, lots of ECs during the postbacc, and a reasonably good score on the MCAT (30+), will medical schools give me a look, given the uGPA was so long ago?

I still leave open the option of physician assistant school if med school is an impossibility but I really want to be a doctor and want to study at an american school. MD preferably but I would do DO.

Great forum! Thanks!

Poster Emergency! is about the same age as you and was a high school teacher. She had a 2.78 undergraduate GPA. She’s now a finishing up medical school at Ohio State. Poster pi1304 had a 2.5 undergraduate GPA. He’s now in medical school two years behind Emergency! at Ohio State. Site founder OldManDave was essentially expelled from his undergraduate school. He is now an anesthesiologist. The list goes on and on.

Thanks ihopetobeado2, I know this site will be a source of great information and inspiration.

I agree with the other poster. The grades were from 20 years ago and that may not reflect who you are now. I think the fact that you were accepted into formal postbacs is a good sign. Just run with it and do your best.