Introducing Myself


I’m a 27 year old pre-med student, state certified EMT and I’m really excited that I found this forum, thanks to podcasts that I’ve listened to! I have spent some time on SDN, and I still go on there but it can be hectic at times. I have contemplated PA in the past, but I felt that I would always have that what-if in the back of my mind, so I decided to take the leap of what I’ve always wanted to do, and become a doctor. I have just started the pre-reqs as a junior in college, so I’ll be looking at applying around 30. I hope to learn a lot while I am here, and I hope to help build on this support group and contribute to many posts and become a regular member on this forum!


Mr. Stone

Way to go. That’s a great age. I got a little over 10 on you. I briefly though about the PA thing, but the MD is so versatile and I had some ability to take time off from working to go to school. 4 years isn’t too bad and the PA needs alot of the same prereqs.

Thanks David! 4 years of med school and 3-8 of residency and all of the accrued debt is NOTHING compared to a lifetime of regret. There’s never a right time to do anything but there’s certainly many wrong times; for me this will not be one of those. I am not nervous but more excited, actually. I am going to let my EMT cert lapse and go into the ER as an ER tech with a CNA. I don’t want to stop working with patients. I may look at scribe but I realize that means I am not allowed to be a part of the patient care, contact-wise.

I just feel like I have pre-hospital experience, and having good clinical experience around all of the doctors and whole team will help more. Plus, I’m at a full-time only EMS unit, so doing 12+ upper level science credits is iffy when throwing in work, research, volunteering and EC’s. I’m not trying to polish myself for people, but I want to show I am a good student and dedicated worker. I just do not want to shoot myself in the foot by doing something like that. I will find a good niche! How far are you into the process?

I’m taking a full course load I took chem I this summer and hope to take the mcat and apply next year. I’m lucky in that I don’t have to work full time at the same time,which really helps.

I think the health care experience will be really helpful. I went to a clinical skills night at the local med school last night and one of the medical students said she heard that the med school looks at clinical experience even more than research experience.

27 is a great age. At 39 there’s a little bit of an undeniable hurry. At 27 taking one more year to get a really strong application makes total sense. (even at 39 I should be willing to wait if needed.

Yea, I don’t have any research to my credit and I’ve wondered about that. It’s reassuring that my experience helps. It may just be worth me taking a smaller course load so I can stay in EMS or work towards getting in the hospital. It may take a few extra semesters but I’d rather do it right. From my plan as of now, I’d start my med school apps in 2020 when I’m 30.

And you’re not old at all, IMO. I believe people are only as only as they feel they are. If you really want this I wouldn’t stop at anything for it. I’ve heard of people twenty years older that have matriculated and done great. I hope that gives you a boost! I wish you the best of luck! I need to figure out how to make a good med school list. I am going to apply to my in-state schools, but after that I’m not sure how to make the decision. I’ve looked at MSAR and there’s soooo many. I see how they do the average GPA and MCAT score for you to look at, but I have no idea how I’d do on the MCAT, so I’ve just been looking at GPA kind of stuff.

I plan to apply to both MD and DO. I just have to do more research.