Introducing myself :-)

Good evening from Southern California :slight_smile:

I wanted to introduce myself and get in on the forums as I am an old pre med with the duldrums. I know every old pre med has moments where they wonder why the hell their passion can’t be something that takes less years of education. It feels sooooo loooong!! I know I can do it, but I just need to surround myself with like-minded individuals. Thanks for listening!!


welcome Cyn… you are among kindred spirits. I know it can be long. From the time I decided to try to get into medical school until now, it has been almost 10 years.

But let me tell you, it is so worth it.

Thank you Gabriel! I needed that.

You rock!

I can concur with Gabe that there is a long time for some of us between our first inklings of the remotest idea of going to medical school and when we actually start. Unlike Gabe, however, I haven’t gotten to the med school part yet, but I am almost ready to take that MCAT and apply.

As the saying goes: this is a marathon, not a sprint.

An important part is to check your passion and to see if and how it wanes. There are some who are premed, and then years later realize that it is not what they want. There have been a few posts to this situation, and I recall there are some OPs here who decided against going to med school due to that time.

Thank you!! I am sure about this. My passion grows and has grown for years. I just haven’t had the tools to make this a success until now. You can see more about my background here:

I am committed and going full throttle. I am so thankful to this forum and site for the encouragement I need when things get most challenging.

Thank you again!