Introduction for Todd

Hi I wanted to introduce myself here, my name is Todd Snyder and I’m a 30 year old EMT in the east bay, California. I’m currently attending Los Medanos Community College hoping to get a bachelor’s degree in Biology before moving onto med school. I am most interested in Emergency Medicine, although I’m keeping my mind open until rotations. I’ve been listening to the Med School HQ podcasts for a bit now and decided to join the discussion. Thank you for the podcasts and the forums, they’ve been extremely helpful resources.

Hey Todd, welcome to Old Premeds! I hope that you find this and many other resources helpful in your quest to become a physician. OPM and MedSchool HQ, as you are already well aware, are invaluable in terms of what a community of like-minded people on similar paths can offer each other. I’ve been on my journey for several years now, sometimes blundering over obstacles and sometimes conquering them. If I could offer one word of wisdom and encouragement it would be this…if you sincerely believe that becoming a physician is your life’s calling than without neglecting your current needs and obligations, set everything else aside and narrow all of your focus and channel all of your energy into this one thing. However, don’t merely be GOAL oriented, but embrace the PROCESS. Doing so will be indescribably enriching.

Good luck, and again, welcome.

Welcome Todd!

Thank you for the welcomes! Yes Rashaad I agree that the journey is as important at the destination in life. I am happier than I have ever been with my nose to the grind stone on this project. The self-enrichment and purpose it has given me has been great, and my wife has been proud and helpful so it’s been beneficial to our relationship as well. We’re both aware it’s going to get harder but we’re doing our best to be ready for it.