Introduction! PharmD Student Aiming for MD!

Hello all!

I would like to start by admitting that I’ve been a long time lurker of this forum and have finally decided to partake in the discussion. I’m currently in a 6 year BS/PharmD combined program and am nearing the end! 1 more year of class + 1 year of pharmacy rotations left! I’m a CA native but I attend school out in Boston. I was born and raised in the West Coast and would love to attend a medical school in the West, South, or Midwest. Pretty much anything that would provide a change of scenery from the East Coast!

A little about my desire to be a physician… I’ve known for a long time, since high school, that I’ve wanted to have a career in healthcare. I believed that the clinical setting of pharmacy practice would allow me to interact with patients and develop a connection with individuals. Unfortunately, time and time again, I’ve felt that I’m on the wrong side of care. I appreciate my education in pharmacy and pharmacology but I desire to more than a drug expert. I know that this PharmD education will benefit my practice as a physician and make me a better healthcare provider. I just yearn for the ability to make a tangible difference in patients lives in a more one-on-one type of setting. I hope that my perspective resonates with a few PharmD/MDs out there!

I know I’m not old by any means (23 at time of AMCAS submission) but I am worried about my prospect regarding matriculation to medical school.

I would love to get your feedback on where I stand and whether or not I should consider taking a gap year in order to increase my chances!

My quick stats:

3.7 cumulative GPA

3.7 science GPA

MCAT: ____ (January 2016)


Honors ambassador

Honors mentor

Phi Lambda Sigma pharmacy honors society

Health sciences entrepreneurship club

Work experience:

2000 hrs + CVS (pharmacy intern)

250 hrs compounding pharmacy (research project)

500 hrs + Boston Medical Center (IV compounding intern)

Relevant experiences:

100 hrs Shadowing Orofacial/Maxillofacial Surgeon

Clinical Volunteering:

100 hrs Volunteering at Orofacial/Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic (same location as shadowing)


6 months geriatrics research regarding the reduction in use of antipsychotics for behavioral issues (not published)

4 months (compounding center research as listed in work experience) cost effectiveness study for patient benefit (not published)

I would appreciate any tips, advice, criticism! Everything!!

I’m currently a Pharm.D working as a clinical pharmacist in the Boston area! I have been toying with the thought of applying to medical school since residency. It wasn’t until recently that the calling to become a physician was too loud to ignore.

My Background:

-Pharm.D 2012

-PGY1 residency 2012-2013

-PGY1 program coordinator/MTM clinical lead 2013-2015

-BCACP in 2014

-clinical pharmacist at a large pioneer ACO 2015 to present.


-3.6 GPA



-NIH funded trial determing the impact of pharmacist intervention on patients with non-adherence to medications and poor health outcomes (trial ongoing)

-Reduction in health care contact for patients with COPD receiving self management education over a six month period (Abstract)

Volunteer work:

-Once a week for four hours at the local hospital emergency room

these past few months I have been trying to get my ducks in a row. I enrolled into general physics for fall semester and been chipping away at MCAT prep books. I’ll most likely do a MCAT prep course 3-4 months before test. Oddly enough, I am having a hard time approaching the doctors I work with to shadow for two reasons. One, I work full time 9-5 and so do they so timing is an issue and two; I don’t want it to be know in my organization that I am considering leaving for medical school. There is one doc I can probably shadow once a week for about an hour.

I would consider myself a non-traditional, 32 years old when I matriculate. Anyways, I would love to hear some other Pharm.D/MD stories out there.

Hi guys, I guess you two are halfway there, but I’ve been leaning toward the MD/PharmD route. Since I’m already a nontraditional student (I’ve not started any classes yet), the task seems a bit daunting; but I figured that this path that I’m leaning toward is not so different (at least with respect to length of time) from the MD/PhD track. Also, is the PharmD 3 or 4 years? I’m planning to attend medical school first. Once I have my MD, would that possibly shorten the amount of time it would take for me to earn the PharmD?

@anonmouse: You would not be able to fast track your PharmD, most schools do not allow for advanced placement. If you earned a BS/MD before applying to pharmacy school, you would have 4 years of pharmacy school to complete. The last of which is composed of rotations.

@Scottydrx let me know if you would like to meet up in the Boston area. I have some connections with current Northeastern University faculty (in pharmacy) that are in contact/work with doc’s in the area. I understand your hesitation to pursue this at your own practice site.

If I may judge your profile, I see a couple pros and cons.

Your GPA is strong because you will have a BS/PharmD before applying.

Your residencies help you tremendously. I can only talk about wanting to be a physician after being exposed to pharmacy INTERN roles, whereas you can speak about pharmacist roles. That will be key.

Find programs that really hone in on the idea of a “wholesome MD.” In that they truly value continuity of care and reinforce taking care of oneself before medical problems arise.

Feel free to PM me Scottydrx. What is your timeline for taking the MCAT? What is your timeline for submitting AMCAS? Who will you get letters of rec. from? (Professors will be needed for MOST schools).