Introduction + Postbac Question


I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m 26 and started applying to postbac programs this year. I’m really excited to “meet” everyone and start on this journey.

I have a postbac question I was hoping someone could help me with. I posted this on SDN but would love insights from nontraditional peers.

I’m applying to postbac programs this year (both 1 year and 2 years programs). There are some postbac programs such as Goucher/Bryn Mawr/Scripps that are very well known, offers a great class structure, and a supportive student body. The drawback is that they must be completed in 1 year. Assuming that I get into one of these programs and also get into a lesser known 2 year program, which one would you suggest that I attend? While I know that only I know myself and how well I study, my main concern is not so much the extra year’s worth of time but rather the lack of support a 2 year program might have. For example, Goucher offers a class dedicated to postbacs and has a tutor specifically to help you with the MCATs while most 2 year programs do not. The drawback of course is that I would be completing my prereqs in 1 year which is intense for someone who has not taken science in awhile. I was wondering if you think that in light of what programs like these have to offer, that the 1 year pace would be “worth it” and that in the end I (or most premeds in general) would do better with such support at a faster pace than at a program lacking such support but at a slower pace. My undergrad/grad gpa is good so my concern really isn’t my ability to study but whether whether taking a full course load of science classes in light of the fact that my last science class was in high school is do-able or a smart decision.


I’m all about the slow and steady myself. You can always pay for commercial MCAT tutoring if you need it and if the 2-year program is substantially cheaper, you’d be come out the same. But I’m pretty frugal about stuff like that.

Great suggestion. In your experience, do you think that taking two lab courses would feel more like a full or part time course load? I’m not sure how to evaluate how much work is involved given that I’ve never taken any of those before. Did you find commercial test prep such as Kaplan to be substantively helpful? Generally do you think that premed classes anywhere will prepare you well in terms of substantive knowledge for the MCAT? Thanks.