I’m a researcher with a Ph.D. in a physical sciences field. I recently decided to pursue the dream I dropped about ten years ago, and give medical school a try. I took all the premed reqs in college (just in case…should have been a sign), and completed my MCAT a few months ago. I have a couple interviews lined up, and I was curious about what kinds of experiences you all had with respect to questions.

I’m the mother of a three year old boy. Would love more, but it was that or medical school!

I haven’t been to interviews yet but have heard from several folks that the interview is mostly about them seeing if they like you and if you are a good fit for that particular school. Try this link, it may answer some of your questions. Sorry I can’t help any further. gTips.Cape…

Thanks for link! I know I need a good answer for “why so long” or “why now” and I tried to answer that in my statement. Otherwise, I’m just not sure what to expect.

Best of luck with your application cycle!

Try googling “medical school interview questions”. You might be able to find some questions that relate to what you’re looking for.

The “other” web site (student doctor net) does have an interview thread with some specific questions people got at particular schools.

I got asked at one school, if I were to pursue medical research, what sort of research project would I be interested in.

Have been asked what caused me to decide on medical school now (the “why medicine why now” question) at EVERY interview despite it being in my personal statement. If there is a story you can tell that perhaps illustrates it in more detail, that’s a good place for it.

Was asked what I thought would be the hardest thing about going to medical school. Hint - good to frame this as a “challenge” along with having an answer ready about your plan to deal with this challenge.

Was asked at 2 interviews what I would do if I found that I was in danger of failing a class in medical school, or was struggling with particular material. Perhaps other successful strategies you have used during your education are good to cover if faced with this one.

Some places like to give you an ethical dilemma. Hard to prep for that one. Doing a little prep reading in medical ethics is actually not a bad idea.

I hope these examples are not too stressful!