I am so happy to have found your site. I read one of the posts explaining what your site is, and I really look forward to checking it out a bit more.

To tell you about myself and where I’m at. I am Kay, a mother of three who is in the process of applying to allopathic and osteopathic medical schools. I have my bachelor’s degree in biology. I took several years off to be at home with my children and now that they are a bit older I am applying to med schools.

I am about halfway through a master’s degree in biochemistry. I figured I’d never manage to get through the MCAT without some refresher and I figured if I was going to go back to school, at least it should count for something.

So here I am…everyone tells me I am crazy, but I just can’t imagine pursuing anything else.

I am fortunate that my family is of the, “it takes a village” mentality. My parents will move wherever we go.

I look forward to hearing everyone’s experiences and wisdom.


Welcome aboard…

even though you are getting a master’s in biochem to refresh, don’t overlook an MCAT prep course or discipline self-study, particularly access to practice exams

Welcome to OPM! I’m a bit of a newbie myself, but have found this board very helpful.