Hi everyone-

Just thought I’d go ahead and introduce myself; I plan to be here awhile

I have 2 kids ages 6 and 2. I am pretty much a single mom, but have huge support from my mother and sister. My mom will be retiring soon, otherwise I’m not sure I would feel so right about doing this.

I was the typical honors kid who, through a few curveballs life threw me, chose to not dedicate a consecutive amount of time to school. I put my biology major on hold to study studio art and then to have a family.

Now I’m going back. Although I’ve accumulated quite a few credits, very few of them are premed, so I have 2 more years of undergrad before med school.

Is anyone in the same boat or been down this road?

I’m also moving awayfrom the 4 yr I aquired most of these credits at and looking at programs across the country.

Does anyone have any advice or tips? Words of encouragement, lol

Oh and I’m 36

Hello, and welcome to OPM!

I think you’ll find that here on OPM, everyone’s story is different … yet we are, in a manner of speaking, “in the same boat.” (At least to a certain extent.)

You asked for words of advice … that’s hard, because there’s so much to this journey! And I’ve only begun it myself (I just started a post-bac program this fall). Of course, you want to do well in your classes and on the MCAT, that sort of thing. But don’t forget to volunteer and shadow physicians (and keep records of what you do).

I know that’s not being very specific, but I don’t know what questions you have. So … don’t be afraid to ask questions here on OPM! There’s surely someone who has dealt with what your facing/experiencing.

As for words of encouragement … YOU CAN DO THIS!

And keep everyone here updated on what you’re doing, too. We’re all a community here.

  • terra_incognita Said:
Hello, and welcome to OPM!

I think you'll find that here on OPM, everyone's story is different ... yet we are, in a manner of speaking, "in the same boat." (At least to a certain extent.)

Welcome Aboard

Thank you so much! Hearing “you can do it” is just exactly what I need lol

As far as questions go, I will definitely be posting A LOT I am sure.

I am so glad to have found this support!

browse around a bit. Take a look esp in the diaries. You’ll find stories of many who various places on this journey. Some just beginning - others well along.

Welcometo the party and good luck on your quest


I was in somewhat similar circumstances when I went back to school to become a nurse practitioner - newly divorced, 36, young kids (5,7 and 10), supportive family. Mom wasn’t close enough to watch them a lot at that time and I didn’t have a lot of prerequisites but has 2 1/2 years of school to do.

I found I did much better academically than when I was in undergrad - partially being older and (hopefully) more mature, partially being more disciplined in doing the work that was necessary to get an A. I mostly studied after the kids went to bed till about 12, and then after they went off to school or nursery school. Worked 12 hour weekend shifts while a sitter or their dad took care of them. They had my attention mornings and evenings. In the summer we belonged to a pool and went there for several hours a day - I took a packed lunch, and my books and studied quite a bit there and when I could otherwise.

My nurse-midwifery school had the didactic taught in “intensives” (1-2 weeks) with primarily distance learning for the rest of the didactic (my mom kept the kids then). For clinicals I had to move for 7 months and do full-time. I rented a house 2 doors down from my sister, who watched them whenever they were out of school and I was at clinical. If I got called in the middle of the night, I bundled them up, walked them to her door, took them down to her basement and got them settled on the pullout beds there, and left their school stuff. Nights I was on call she was prepared to get them to school if she discovered them there in the morning. (I think I mentioned I had a really supportive family - my sister is senior partner in a law firm - but willingly took this on. Her kids were a little younger). My youngest was 7 by then.

Regarding your specific situation, I’d say to try to avoid huge debt in undergrad as what one borrows for medical school tends to be a large amount. Try to keep your overall credit good so you will be eligible for the Grad Plus loans which do look at whether one had negative “events”.

It’s great you have started pursing this “big” goal. You might make a visual chart of stuff to do for school (in my distance learning phase we called this a P.E.R.T chart - but I forget why

Have each course listed and work to do (read ch 15, etc) with boxes to color in when you complete them. Let the kids see you plan your work and how you fill it in, and schedule a treat with them (that you would enjoy too) when you have completed one set of goals and all the boxes are filled in. You’ll teach them about working for goals and also enlist them as your personal cheerleaders.

So currently my kids are in their 20’s, successful in their own careers, and I’m back in school in my 50’s - able to fully concentrate on it now!

Best of luck in your own journey!