Hi all,

I am a 44 yr old RN in Pediatric Oncology and most of the time I love it. I have a BS in Health Education and an ADN RN. I came to the healthcare field a few years ago when my husband was unable to work due health problems. Previous to that I was a stay at home Mom of 6 children for nearly 20 years. I want to pursue an advanced degree and always thought I would become an FNP, but the local university is now only enrolling for the DNP program which requires me to obtain a BSN and then apply to their program. I figure this will take me 5-7 years and at least $70,000. After all that time and money I don’t want to feel that I need to know more and wish I had gone the MD route. I still have 2 children at home and I’m worried about balancing Motherhood with Medical School (and debt at my ‘old’ age) and then Medical Practice. I would love advice from those women who have “been there, done that.”

Thanks in advance.

Welcome JJ! I’m sure some of our resident nurse-to-premed and nurse-to-med students will pop in and say hello, but be sure to look in some of the threads with mysterious nursing abbreviations in the title.


Glad you have joined us. I just want to offer you my best wishes. I have “been there, done that”, and lived to tell about it. I just have to say that I hope that you can find a way to accomplish your goals. I am also an old nurse–spent 29 years raising my kids while working part time as an RN. About 10 years into my nursing and motherhood career, I discovered a burning desire to become a physician, but with motherhood and moving around the country with my husband’s job, I didn’t become fully prepared to apply to medical school for 15 more years. When I did, I didn’t get into the school I could have attended from home, so I wound up waiting another 5 years and then applying out of state after my kids were all raised. I am now living out of state, coming home when I can, and very happy with everything except living in a different state from my husband and most of my children and grandchildren. I am in my third year now, and medical school is truly exactly what I was hoping it would be. I love to learn, and I am quite sure I would not have been satisfied as an NP or PA.

Hope you aren’t bored to tears yet. My point is this: You are not alone, and you can do it! If you are really burning to become a physician, you can do it, but it won’t be easy. Even at this school (AZCOM), in the interview I got some flack about my age, and about why it took me so long to get here. I am glad they decided to take me (after a letter about the inappropriateness of those questions). I’m sure that most of us old pre-meds have had some experiences like that. But I’m also sure that if you were a fearful person, you wouldn’t even be asking the questions. Best wishes to you in your endeavors. If there is anything else that I can be helpful with, I will try to check on this thread frequently.

Sincerely, Jeanybean 51yo, mother of 6, grandmother of 4, wife of 1, medical student.

You can do it mom! Lets go to med school together!

I was looking at AZCOM today and it seems nice, would be a good place to ride a motorcycle year round. In 4 or 5 years E will be 13 or 14 and a lot more independent and O will be 17 or 18 and not want anything to do with parents

Also we can study together and you can play with Oliver as much as you want!

GO mom go!


Thanks for the encouragement. It’s nice to hear of others that have similar aspirations and are accomplishing them. I was reading a post on studentdoc the other day and I started to have doubts when some Dr.s posted about 80hr weeks in med school. They made it sound impossible to do and still have a family. Best of luck to you.

: ) Thanks jjson I need all the positive vibes I can get! I would love to go to Med school with you.


This sounds like an awesome proposition! I can’t minimize the amount of work it takes to get through medical school (or residency for that matter), but with family support and a little ingenuity to find ways to spend time with family and books at the same time, you can do it! You definitely have to dedicate a lot of time to the studying, especially in the first 2 years. I was surprised to find out how fast I would drop behind if I didn’t study almost continuously, but studying with a family member would definitely take the curse off somewhat, and I’m sure you can find ways to carve out a little family time if you really make good use of your studying time. Go team!