Is 50 too old for a US med school these days?

Reading all of the above comments gives me a lot of confidence in pursuing my dream of practicing medicine. I am 40 years old. 14 years ago I was on the path to pursuing a medical degree, but I had doubts as to whether I was making the right choice, so I abruptly stopped my pursuit and continued in my current occupation.

Fast-forward 14 years, and the “nagging” desire to practice medicine has never left (actually it has only grown). I have full support from my wife and son, which is a huge plus. But I still had doubts because of my age, knowing that if I entered into medical school when I was 43 or 44, I wouldn’t start practicing medicine until I was at least 52 or 53. But reading the above posts gives me more confidence to pursue my dreams.

The one thing that I can say about waiting until now is that now I have complete focus on what I want to do, and more maturity; now it is just a matter of getting the ball rolling…

  • ajd2001 Said:
now it is just a matter of getting the ball rolling...

That is the hardest step, imo. Once it starts rolling, however, the marathon just sort of propels you forward. Each "A" is another step, each "B" a learning experience about how to overcome FUD.

Good luck!

Thanks Kate,

That’s a surprise and good to hear!

Thanks, I appreciate your point of view. However, for myself, I feel I can best serve by pursuing allopathic medicine. That said, I have been vegan since 17, exercise and live an extremely healthy lifestyle. I do appreciate Naturopathy and am very familiar with it. I also respect what you do. It’s just not the avenue I choose to take. But I’m so glad you are out there! : )

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Hi Carrieliz,

One of the reasons I want the MD is so that I can do international mission/work. It is my understanding that DO's are not recognized everywhere. Have you heard differently?

Look at this: athic...



quote: “Just wanted to point out that natural does not = safe in all cases.


I wouldn’t automatically dismiss something because it’s all natural. Many of the drugs in big pharma come from plants, clams or etc. But I agree with Kate that natural does not equal safe. When I hear the benefits of XYZ, and the speaker tries to impress with the “and it’s all natural” I point out that Poison Ivy, snake venom and uranium are all natural, too…

More and more nations outside of the U.S. are accepting of DO’s nowadays. As DOs are becoming more commonplace, and as long as they let others know of their credentials, it looks good for DOs.

In the international medical work that I have done (quite extensive), I have met lots of DOs.

Also, do not let being a DO stop you from getting the residency that you want. One of my relatives is a DO, as she did a double residency in IM/Derm and is now a dermatologist, doing very well in all respects.

Also, do not worry about your age. I personally know two doctors, both of whom went to medical school (allopathic) when they were over 50.

For what it is worth, I am almost at that age myself . . .

If you are interested where DOs can practice here is a map http://osteopathicmedstud…

I know this was a tough choice for me. I wanted to be a DO and learn manipulation, but I also lived in Japan and would like to go back some day. Ultimately, I chose to go the DO route and have been very grateful for that choice.

I am so emotionally affected by finding this site and these posts. I’m 53 as of yesterday. I’m a lawyer (the real estate market crash put an end to my 8 year stint as general counsel to a real estate developer). Found myself not at all excited about trying to get another job or start my own firm pushing paper around all day. No emotional or intellectual reward left. Talked to my doctor (a DO) who said I should pursue PA, NP, or even DO. Started taking pre-reqs (have a 4.0 with organic II and physics to go). I was top 10 in my law school class and MBA class at University of FL.

Truly, I would be happy as a PA. However, they are very much into having lots of clinical, patient experience before school. Lawyers don’t get much of that.

So if that doesn’t work, I can see myself continuing on to med----except for my age!

I’ve been reading a lot of books, my favorite is Fantastic Voyage by Ray Kurzweil and Dr. Terry Grossman, that says if we live another 15 years, we’ll live another 50-75 years because of medical and technological advances. So—theoretically I could practice medicine for what, 60 years?

Just really need a pep talk—can I do this?

Are there any other ex-lawyers out there?

Hey satin pearl,

here are a few points

  1. Rule 1: take a breath

  2. you have almost nothing to lose in trying, be it NP, PA, DO, MD. You have most of prereqs, you have time to get some needed clinical and volunteer. Taking the courses and the MCAT is a little bit of time and money compared to what you to accomplish

  3. the OPM National Conference will be in Orlando this year, June 7th thru 10th (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)