Is anyone else in CASPer hell?

For anyone applying to NY Medical College or Robert Wood Johnson, there is the CASPer test to take, a 1.5-hour test on ethics, judgement, etc. It’s a pre-screening for NYMC at least for interviews and used instead of secondary application essays (although they still charge $120 for the secondary and another $20 for the CASPer test!)

There were huge tech issues in July and now today their servers clearly just melted down. People couldn’t get on, videos weren’t loading, etc. They only offer the darn thing once a month and they couldn’t have anticipated the number of people logging on?! (And yes, they could have, you have to make a reservation.)

After trying twice to take the test, I just learned there was another error that erased all of my answers the first time around and I might have to take it again! This is so unacceptable. I want to complain so much to NYMC but also don’t want to torpedo my chances at an interview – which is exactly what will keep CASPer from being responsible for its awful service, I know.

Just venting.

The stupidest 2 hours wasted of my life.